Matt Rivers is the first songwriter to be signed to Songstarr. As we grow, we will certainly be signing more new artists.

We also act as joint publishers for material written with Matt by other songwriters, such as Robin Bibi, a talented guitarist, singer and writer from London; and Pete Orr, Pete Bennette and Helen April, who are also gifted writers and performers.

Helen April

Co founder and one of the songwriters behind, some of the great records made by ” True Life Confessions’ the 80’s band that almost made the big time.

Matt Rivers

Since the age of 15, Matt Rivers has been writing songs. He remembers making up little tunes in his head on the way to school.

Robin Bibi

Robin Bibi is a talented guitarist, singer and writer from London

Pete Bennette

Singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Birmingham; Pete is the ‘real deal’ the songwriters, songwriter.

Pete Orr

In the 1980’s Pete Orr had a collaboration with Matt Rivers, wrote and performed songs, It’s Too Late and Trigger Happy Lover.

Len Newman

Australian born Singer/songwriter; Len has great voice, and is a natural guitar player. While visiting the UK in the mid 80’s he co-wrote few songs with Matt Rivers.